At every point in time, there is a place YAH wants us to be. We may or may not like it, but its part of the general training we need in order to carry out the main task we are given.

Most times we tend to forget this clear fact about life. Thinking we are already made and have got all we need to do our Master’s task whereas we are still learning and in training.

Sometimes we get frustrated thinking we have spent so much time learning and should now be released or freed to come out and shine. Only very few bend down and are patient enough till they are instructed to proceed to the next level.

Joseph had it all rosy in his father’s house. When time was over, he had to be sent into training by been sold into slavery by his own brothers. But that was the channel for him to go ahead to train and finally receive the Master’s main task.

He was calm and prayerful. Always listening to the Master. When he completed his training, YAH lifted him out from prison through the gift of interpretation of dreams given to him by YAH..

His training was hard and lasted for a very long time. He was tried in all aspects and found worthy before being lifted to handle the great task of an administrator in Egypt.

Another good example was Mosheh(Moses). Mosheh had it all rosy in Pharaoh’s house till the time for his training came. He needed to receive his training for his upcoming desert task; leading YAH’s people out of Mitsrayim(Egypt) to the promised land. It started by him running away after killing an Egyptian wicked labor master. He was to spend the next 40yrs learning in the land of Midian.

When his training was over, his Master, YAH spoke to Him. By then he had mastered the desert. He knew the survival tactics. He never knew all the time he took looking after sheep in the desert after running away was his training years. So all the while he was receiving training for his future task unknowingly. The rest was history. We know the exodus story well.

He did his task… he led Yisra’el out of Egypt through the power of YAHUAH our ELOHIYM. The ELOHIYM  of Avraham, Yitschaq, and Ya’aqov.

My dear brothers and sisters in YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH, from the story of Yoceph and Mosheh, let us learn valuable lessons and be encouraged. Let us keep our faith and trust in YAHUAH and never waiver, not even when we do not understand what’s going on in our lives.

Let us keep calm and trust the Master. Let us keep praying always. He is always there and directing our footsteps through His RUACH HAQADASH(Holy Spirit). In due season we will hear from Him and everything will be clearer and we will then understand while we had to pass through the various training programs designed by Him.

May YAH increase our faith and trust in Him, so we can patiently receive our training and go forth to complete the Master’s tasks in our lives in the name of YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH our Saviour.




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