Will your soul still find peace if you wake up and discovered that all you labored for including your family are gone?

The answer to this question depends on what or who you derive your peace of the soul from.

Nobody likes tragedy or suffering but the reality is that they are all part of life. They come in various shapes and sizes. The truth is that the man or woman whose peace and happiness of the soul comes from material or mundane things will always be sorrowful.

Those who say their wives, husbands, children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, cars, houses, careers, awards and so on are their all and all or their lives and have put their peace and happiness on things that can vanish in a twinkle of an eye need the grace of YAH to discover where true peace and happiness comes from.

You can cherish and enjoy them but make sure the love for YAH is first and that your happiness does not depend on these things because they are temporal.

The living YAH and Holy one made it clear to us in Matthew 6: 19 – 20, “Do not store up treasures for yourself on earth, where moth and woodworm destroy them and thieves can break in and steal”.

The Anointed ONE is just telling us to detach ourselves from everything in this life that will hold us back from giving all our heart and soul to YAH; people and material things alike.

The Son of YAHUAH, the Holy one, our Salvation and Redeemer- YAHUSHA,  made it clear in Matthew 6: 24, “No one can be the slave of two masters: he will either hate the first and love the second or be attached to the first and despise the second. You cannot be the servant both of YAH and of money”.

Money here represents everything a man or woman is a slave to except YAH. It can be your wife or children or car or career and so on.

The choice is yours today. Make your choice. Live by it. You can decide to read your Holy Scripture and allow Holy Spirit to change you and lead you in the narrow way that leads to eternal life or you can give all your time to vain things and keep yourself distracted.

One day the distraction will end. Your eyes will clear. Only you will be facing the judgment seat. Your friends will even repent immediately from your demise and become born again.

We are visitors here. Let us behave like one. We are just passing. Let us stop grabbing things that draw us back. Let us focus and with all our hearts follow YAH in joy and in pain. YAH loves us much and wants us to have a true relationship with Him more than the way we have with our earthly parents and loved ones.

Is not just about going to worship YAH every Saturday being Sabbath or running to church every Sunday to answer your name so that no one will accuse you of being ungodly; is deeper than that.

May YAH bless us and give us the grace to do His will and store up true treasures in heaven through obedience to His divine Laws of freedom as Apostle James will put it.