Businessman is standing on the road with sign of easy vs hard way

Matthew 7:14

“But is a narrow and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it”.

The times are hard and very challenging. Sometimes even those who have decided to follow YAHUSHA the Messiah and do all He commanded us to do are not finding it easy. Every disciple should expect it tough. True gems do not come easy.

The road to salvation is surely not an easy one. We all know that treasures are not on the surface of the earth but buried very deep in the earth and in some cases they are buried under the sea.

In the same way, truth is hidden and to find this truth one must search very deep. Whoever has HAMASHIACH, has The Truth, for HE is THE TRUTH. So we must search for Him and discover Him.

With Him by our side, we will navigate through the “lonely”, thorny and difficult path that leads to Salvation.

Let us pray and seek diligently for the kingdom of YAH and remain on the narrow path to eternal life for only very few will find it.