Nakedness in YAH’s sight refers to a woman exposing her LEGS, THIGHS, BREASTS and dressing in TIGHT DRESSES, TROUSER which shows the CURVES, SHAPE, CONTOURS and the ANATOMY of your body. The Evil One has deceived many women of this generation that exposing your thighs, the shape of the hips and breasts in public is fashionable and attractive, sexy and very okay.

The devil and his wicked demons are mocking and laughing at such ladies because they know that if they die in that state, they will not make heaven.

They are also causing many men to commit adultery in their hearts by lusting after the woman’s nakedness, thus sinning before YAH who is Holy.

“You have heard how it was said, You shall not commit adultery. But I say this to you, if a man looks at a woman lustfully; he has already committed adultery with her in his heart”. Matthew 5:27-28.

A woman who fears YAH understands this truth and is VERY CAREFUL not to arouse the opposite sex with her body movements, the way of dressing and uncovering of her flesh. Women must be alert and careful so as not to be used by the devil to expand sexual immoralities.

It is time for women believers to wake up and make a vow with their bodies, to live for YAHUAH and present their bodies as a living sacrifice unto YAHUAH in purity.

The devil has influenced and lowered many women bodies into his instrument of LUST. YAHUAH wants all men and women to turn away from nakedness, nudity, immoral dressing and sexy dressing.


We are living in a wicked world where people call evil good. They think it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear tight trousers, tight dress, half-dresses, Mini-skirts and expose their breasts, body shape, their thighs and legs seductively in a sensual manner.

I see women in churches or places supposedly meant for worship of YAHUAH, on the street, offices, and on various media platforms exposing their legs, thighs, curves and breasts to be loved and praised. The bible calls its “WICKEDNESS”. It is sinful for a woman to expose her body. A woman body is very SEDUCTIVE and SENSITIVE to a man.

Women believers and all others who follow YAHUSHA our messiah ought to wear skirts that go beyond their knees, loose and somewhat baggy. Clothing materials should not be see-through with the sun behind you. Many women wear thin clothing that reveals “EVERYTHING” when standing with the sun behind them.

The way you dress speaks volume about you and also it says how others will see you and relate to you. If you dress like a Whore, people will relate to you as one. Flower attracts bees.

You cannot deny that unless the devil has killed your conscience and made you spiritually blind. Do not follow the crowd, because the crowd is always wrong.
Besorah Yahuchanon(gospel of John) 12:43. “FOR THEY LOVE PRAISE OF MEN MORE THAN PRAISE OF YAH”.

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