To Love people genuinely is to speak the truth to them respectfully and constantly even though they may not welcome it or may not be happy. It might mean the end of your friendship with those who refuse to accept the truth as they walk away to avoid hearing the truth.

So for a true servant of YAHUAH, the RUACH HAQADASH (Holy Spirit of YAHUAH) is your best friend and all those who are willing to accept the truth and change their ways.

Pray with me;
Almighty Father, grant all those you called to minister to your people the courage to speak the truth no matter who is involved and that they may never get wearied or discouraged or relax the standard you have set because of the constant rejection from those who claim to love you but have refused to observe your commandments and follow your Way.

Grant all ministers that you have called but are living under the bondage of Sin and fear the grace to rise up and fill them with your Holy Spirit so they can be courageous to minister to your people the true Gospel brought by your Son, YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH.



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