“The sons of Yisra’el did things secretly which were not right against YAHUAH ELOHAYHEM.”  2Kings 17:9

It was a dark time in Israel. Deciding to ignore or reject YAH’S Word, they seemed to realize that what they were doing was “not right.” But that didn’t matter. They simply decided to go their own way.

Yet, knowing that YAH would not be pleased, they tried to hide their actions from Him by acting “secretly.” The Hebrew word here (used for the only time in the Bible) comes from a root word that implies being veiled or shielded. Thus, in effect, they were trying to cover up what they really were doing, as if placing a veil over themselves in the hopes that others (including YAH) could not see them.

They acted covertly, like spies, disguising their real intentions, and masking their true actions. But, all along, YAH knew what they were doing.

People throughout history have made this same mistake. We think of Adam and Chuah(Eve), who tried to hide themselves and their sins from YAH (Genesis 3:8). Others, like Achan, have thought that YAH would never see their actions, and so they could do what they wanted (Joshua 7:21).

YAHUSHA said, “There is nothing hidden that shall not be disclosed, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come out into the open” (Luke 8:17). We may try to hide from others. But God knows everything we do! Every thought! Every action! We cannot hide from Him. Those evil and wickedness you plan in your heart are seen by Him.

Those sins you commit behind closed doors and windows thinking you are not seen come directly into His sight. The world may think you are righteous whereas you are just a pretender and hypocrite like the Pharisees, but unfortunately, YAH sees who you really are. He knows your secret deeds and thoughts.

Today, remember that YAH knows everything about you. You cannot hide anything from Him. Don’t run from Him or try to hide. He really wants the best for you but you have, to be honest with Him. Open your heart and mind. Instead of giving excuses, defending and trying to justify your imperfections, tell YAHUSHA to help you and tackle all your imperfections.

Only He has got the power to do it. You cannot do it left on your own. Let Him teach and purify you. Let Him free you from burdens, addictions and cleanse you from sins. Seek to live in harmony with His Words.

Pray with me;

Our Father in heaven, You know my heart. Search me right now. Cleanse me and free me from anything that displeases You. Help me to have a more intimate relationship with You. I pray in the name of YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH your beloved One, who lives and reigns forever.